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Bite Back Program

Block the Bite Events Notice: There is an expected annual increase in agency-wide West Nile virus response, which means staffing is allocated to certain neighborhoods by risk priority. As a result, Block the Bite Property Inspections may be scheduled at least three weeks from the time of requests.

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Build healthier, bite-free neighborhoods in San Gabriel Valley

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Recent/Upcoming Activities:

  • Bite Back Kit deliveries - ongoing
  • "Block the Bite Property Inspections" in South Pasadena - planned
  • Recordings of Bite Back presentations for cities - ongoing
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Benefits to a Bite Back Program in your neighborhood

You save tons of money

That's right, as a government agency, we work with you and your neighbors on grassroots, practical solutions before you pay a pretty penny to "get rid of mosquitoes" elsewhere. 

You add value to neighborhood watch meetings 

Invite us to spread the word and get your neighbors to act, because less mosquitoes = more outdoor fun for you!

You reduce itchy bites and neighborhood outbreak risks

Mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus, dengue fever, Zika and other diseases when they bite. Together, we can team up and stay bite-free!

Types of Bite Back Activities

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Each Bite Back group is different, but they all care about one thing: Stopping mosquitoes in their community and reclaiming their outdoor space! Some activities include:

  • "Block the Bite Property Inspections" -- We work with neighbors to inspect every front/back yard on the block to kick out mosquitoes and provide personalized solutions to the neighborhood.
  • Door hanger awareness campaign -- We will send you door hangers to distribute
  • Bite Back meetings supplementing Neighborhood Watch meetings
  • Citizen science projects for families

Bite Back Roles

  1. Bite Back Captains - Bite Back Captains create Bite Back groups in their neighborhoods. Interested? Start with a 15-minute phone/Zoom orientation!
  2. Bite Back Champions - That's everyone! From receiving emails to distributing door hangers, you're already a champion.


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